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08-Dec-2017 16:22

My wife looked at me and said: ' Boy, you are skinny, aren't you?

Is this kind of name calling any less hurtful than calling somebody fat? It's insinuated that you don't worry about your weight (which is incorrect: It's just as hard to keep weight on as it is for others to keep weight off), and that you have no reason to ever not be full of confidence. No one loves everything about their appearance, and everyone is simply trying to do the best with what they've got. 'This is a common question heard from the mouths of those who hate exercising.I was taking pain killers daily as a preventative measure that only masked my symptoms for a while.Not to mention my skin problems and podiatrist appointments for my flat feet!I have always been the one who would eat everything in sight and still remain a size 8-10 – until one day I wasn’t.

I used to get called names at school for being too skinny.t going on too and to show you that skinny does not always equal healthy.

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