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09-Nov-2017 18:44

And on Wednesday Sophie Monk, complete with glass of champagne in hand, took to Facebook to share an an expletive-laden live chat.

The radio host seemed in high spirits, sharing several risque gags as she participated in a live video to promote market place app Carousell .

I started doing protective hair styling in my moms basement when I was 16 years old.

A year ago I picked up my hobby as a side hustle to create an additional revenue stream and came up with the idea of mass producing pre-curled and looped hair as a way of getting clients in and out my chair at a much faster rate as well as create a product that was safe; because you know dipping hair in hot water close to your scalp isn’t cute!

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The group sipped glasses of champagne poured from a gold bottle, adding to the party atmosphere in the room.

At one point, Sophie's stylist was forced to cover the former Bardot singer's underwear with her hand as the blonde's denim dress rode up. The songwriter then joked that she didn't know if a pair of bikini bottoms she had for sale had been washed, but didn't mind, 'If some weirdo buys them.'The cheeky gags continued when the former Australia's Got Talent judge began swinging a fluffy bag charm near her face and quipped, 'I love b******ks'.

Being a boss is always about making things happen your way and with your vision and our #girlboss featured today is doing just that. I’ve been married for 10 years and have 4 children and I have an unhealthy addiction to fashion, beauty and pepperoni pizza. I am the founder of Latched and Hooked Beauty a brand dedicated to designing and producing hair extensions, wigs, accessories and products for women of color. My personal style is somewhere between Buckhead and Bankhead.Latched and Hooked Beauty was actually started in May of 2016 after a failed partnership with my business Curlkalon Hair Collection.L H Beauty is the brand I always envisioned Curlkalon to be; ethical, cutting edge and revolutionary in its approach to providing quality synthetic hair extensions and accessories for African American Women worldwide.Why wouldn’t young designer Jasmine Yarbrough be having the time of her life as she gets a taste of Karl’s lavish lifestyle on board his billionaire mate James Packer’s incredible 0 million famous floating palace, the Arctic P?

Endless Cristal champagne, staff to cater to your every whim, a stateroom decorated by one of the world’s leading designers, and a slew of rich boys’ toys, including the ,000 jetskis she and Karl, 42, used to explore the beautiful waters of Bora Bora.“There’s absolutely nothing you can’t have, and if they don’t have it on the boat, James sends one of the staff on the chopper to fetch it," reveals a model, who spent time on the superyacht.

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