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is not a flashy website in terms of features either, but everything looks fine and works well.Workers found the body in 1835 while excavating peat on the Haraldskær Estate.Mostly in Copenhagen The highest proportion of singles among the 30-49 age group live in Copenhagen (43.3 percent), in Frederiksberg (38.2 percent) and on Lolland (36.2 percent).Meanwhile, only 18 percent of that age bracket living in Allerød, a northern suburb of Greater Copenhagen, are singles.More costly According to Statistics Denmark, it is about 10 percent more expensive to be single than to live as a couple.Based on data from 2012, couples were able to save nearly 20,000 kroner annually on living expenses compared to people living alone.The anaerobic conditions and acids of the peat bog contributed to the body's excellent preservation.Not only was the intact skeleton found, but so were the skin and internal organs.

The total number of singles is the equivalent of 37 percent of all adults – 30 years ago it was 32 percent.According to the Jomsvikinga Saga, Harald Bluetooth of Denmark ordered Queen Gunnhild be drowned in a bog. Worsaae disagreed the Haraldskær Woman was Gunnhild.Based upon the belief of her royal personage, King Frederick VI of Denmark-Norway commanded an elaborately carved sarcophagus to hold her body. A pioneer in archaeological stratigraphy, Worsaae presented evidence the Haraldskær Woman dated from the Iron Age.However, the ladies know that someone needs to be in charge, and they're willing to step up! Watch all the Denmark webisodes from Liz Tuccillo's "How To Be Single" series!

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Much like the online dating scene in Austria, Denmark has a small but pretty effective online dating market.