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The place gets really crowded during Friday and Saturday nights.

The surrounding streets are also of interest as they are bustling with life. The municipality has made a lot of efforts to transform Volos into a pleasant city, with many paved streets that cross the city.

It lies on Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea with numerous of islands.

Greece has the oldest and greats history with a lot of miffs and legends. Greek people are well known for their hospitality and generous to foreign people because Greece are very touristic country.

Volos is the newest of the Greek port cities, with a remarkably large proportion of modern buildings, erected following the catastrophic earthquakes of 1955.

It includes the municipalities of Volos, Nea Ionia and Iolkos, as well as smaller suburban communities.

The heritage Volos Palace is situated in the center of Volos close to Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos, Epsa Museum and De Chirico Bridge.

The city center is 10 minutes' walk of the property.

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There are also connections to Limnos, Lesvos, Chios and Skyros.

Volos participated in the Olympic Games, and as an Olympic City it helped to present a new face of contemporary Greece to a world audience.

The city has also since played host to a succession of athletic events, such as the European Athletic Championships. Due to current economic trouble, Greece lost the right to host the games (as of january 23 2011).

The City of Volos in Thessaly Greece: The city of Volos is located at the foot of the peninsula of Pelion in the centre of Greece.

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It is situated at an approximately equal distance between the country's capital, Athens, and the second major city, Thessaloniki.

Tip: be sure to go for a drink in a Tsipouradika near the harbour, where you will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and a nice view. Agios Nikolaos is a unique Byzantine church thanks to its marble reliefs and wonderful bell tower on the courtyard. This neoclassical building was constructed in 1909 and displays objects found at the ancient settlements of Sesklo and Dimini, whose ruins are worth a visit as well.

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